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  • 2017 Courses & Event Schedule
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    • January
    • 28th
    • Assistant & Instructor Courses

    Assistant Instructor and Instructor Courses

    Date: Saturday 28th January

    Time: 10am to 6pm

    Venue: Durham Community Jiu Jitsu, 101 Mill St, Oshawa

    Cost: $60

    The Assistant Instructor course is open to persons graded orange belt and green belt. This course provides an introduction to the teaching of jiu jitsu and will prepare students for teaching basic techniques to beginners. Participation in this course is required before grading to purple belt.

    The Instructor course is open to persons graded purple belt and light blue belt who are qualified assistant instructors. It builds on the information given in the Assistant Instructor course and will prepare students for planning and teaching entire sessions. Participation in this course is required before grading to dark blue belt.

    Please wear casual clothes for the classroom portion of the course, a gi is required for the practical section. Please bring your Jitsu Canada record book to the course.

    Participants must pre-register with their club instructor no later than 12th January.

    Schedule for the Day

    10:00 Classroom session
    13:30 Lunch
    15:00 Mat session
    18:30 End

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    • March
    • 4th & 5th
    • Ontario Provincials

    Ontario Provincial Course

    Date: Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th March

    Time: Saturday 1pm to 6pm; Sunday 11am to 4pm

    Venue: Peterborough Multi-Sport Club, 275 Rink St Unit 14, Peterborough

    The Ontario provincial course is an opportunity for all members of Jitsu Canada clubs to meet for a weekend of training. This course provides students with the chance to train with many different people from the various clubs. The event is open to everyone, from beginner to black belt.

    The Saturday will be a full day of training covering a variety of jiu jitsu topics, followed by the blue – black belt exhibition competition. There will of course be a social event in the evening.

    Sunday will include both a training seminar, and the annual grappling competition. The competition gives members the opportunity to participate in friendly competition against each other in groundwork bouts. There are no medals, however there will be prizes for the winners in each category. Great fun, and you get to practice with people other than your regular training partners.


    Register through your club instructor or online. Registration deadline 1st March.
    Both days: $82.70 advance online registration.
    One day: $62.10 advance online registration.

    $100 2-day / $80 1-day 'at the door' price for those not pre-registered.

    • 11th - 12th
    • Western Canada Inter-Provincial Seminar

    Western Canada Inter-Provincial Seminar

    March 11th (12pm – 6pm) and March 12th (10am to 12pm)
    University of Regina
    Instructor: Andy Dobie Sensei
    Cost $80 ($60 Saturday only)
      Please register with and make payment to your club instructor.

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    • May
    • 6th
    • Ontario Youth Seminar & Groundwork Competition

    Ontario Provincial Youth Seminar and Groundwork Competition

    Peterborough Multi-Sport Centre
    275 Rink St Unit 14, Peterborough
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    Saturday, May 6th - 1:00pm – 6:00pm
    Cost: $30

    This event is an opportunity to bring together students from our Jitsu Canada Youth Programs to train and compete. This annual youth event will be a great experience for all. Several Jitsu Canada Instructors will be there to provide instruction. The competition is a friendly one, but there will be small prizes for the winners.

    Event Schedule

    1:00pm – 1:30pm: Warm-up and Opening
    1:30pm – 3:30pm: Training Sessions
    3:30pm – 4:00pm: Break
    4:00pm – 5:30pm: Groundwork Competition
    5:30pm – 6:00pm: Cool-down and Closing

    When registering please provide your child’s weight (approximate) to your club instructor so we can develop appropriate weight categories for the competition. Payment can be made to your instructor, in cash or cheque payable to ‘Jitsu Canada’. Please register with your instructor by Friday April 28th.

    • 7th
    • Ontario Spring Seminar: Henka-waza & Kaeshi-waza

    Ontario Spring Seminar: Henka-waza & Kaeshi-waza

    Kawartha Martial Arts
    569 Armour Rd, Peterborough
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    Sunday, May 7th - 12:00pm – 4:30pm
    Cost: $40

    The prescribed transitioning and countering techniques contained in our kyu syllabus are expected to be performed in a particular way, much like a mini kata. This seminar will focus on a selection of these techniques, to give all participants a better idea of the way in which these should be performed.

    The seminar will be pay on the day, however please register with your instructor by Friday April 28th.

    • 26th - 28th
    • Spring Boot Camp

    Spring Boot Camp

    Date: 26th to 28th May
    Time:Training begins 10am Saturday; ends 2pm Sunday.
    Venue:Collins Family Hunt Camp, Kinmount.
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    Participants $65 (one-day, $45)
    Non-participants $45 (one-day, $35)
Cost includes food for Saturday (lunch & dinner) and Sunday (breakfast & lunch), use of cabin/property, all training, and Saturday bonfire social.

    This weekend course provides an opportunity for students of all styles to train and socialize together in a co-operative and non-competitive manner. The majority of participants and instructors come from the Chokushin Aikijujutsu Kai and Jitsu Canada. Training is mostly in two styles of jiu jitsu although a variety of other martial arts may also be taught. There are also a number of other activities and, of course, swimming in the lake.


If you wish to arrive on Friday night feel free to show up, set up your tent and socialize. After breakfast at a nearby restaurant, training officially starts at 10am on the Saturday. Training outdoors provides a new perspective and is an excellent experience.


You should bring camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, mess kit, etc.), food to barbeque for Friday night if required and money for breakfast on Saturday morning, drinking water, sunscreen, bug-spray, old clothes for training, drinks for the nights, and a towel and swimsuit. BYOB for the evenings - moderation please. Jitsu Canada has tents available for borrowing if needed.


Anyone wanting to attend please register at least 1 week ahead.

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    • July
    • 8th & 9th
    • ON Summer School & Grading
    • September
    • 9th
    • Directional Course
    • TBA
    • 30th
    • CI Recert & AI Course
    • TBA
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    • November
    • 4th & 5th
    • Ontario Provincial
    • TBA
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  • 2017 Grading Schedule
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    • Sun. April 2nd
    • Peterborough Grading (Youth)
    • 12:30pm - 2:30pm @ KMA
    • Sun. April 2nd
    • Peterborough Grading (Adult)
    • 3pm - 5:30pm @ KMA
    • Sat. April 8th
    • Ontario Senior Grading
    • 1pm - 5pm @ KMA
    • Sat. April 8th
    • Vancouver Grading
    • 2pm - 6pm @ PWJJ
    • Sun. April 9th
    • Alberta Grading (Youth)
    • 10am - 12pm @ U of C
    • Sun. April 9th
    • Alberta Grading (Adults)
    • 1pm - 5pm @ U of C
    • Mon. April 10th
    • Regina Grading
    • 8pm - 10pm @ U of R
    • Sat. April 22nd
    • Kingston Grading
    • 1:30pm @ Cataraqui Centre
    • Sat. June 10th
    • Ptb Youth Lower Grades
    • 12:30pm @ PMSC
    • Sat. June 10th
    • Ptb Youth Brown & Black
    • 4pm @ PMSC
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